A Genuine BREAKTHROUGH In Absorption Capabilities!

Demonstrated in a Published Clinical Study
Published Research

Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2015; 5(9): 292-303

Research Article

The effect of VMP35 supplement ingredients encapsulated in a novel Phospholipid Prodosome SK713 SLP nutrient delivery technology observed as a result of changes in properties of live human blood

B. William Downs, Steven Kushner, Ted Aloisio, Frans J. Cronjé, and Kenneth Blum


Compared to baseline and control, the Prodovite (VMP35 formulation SK713 SLP technology) effected positive changes in the blood. They were demonstrated by morphological, hematological and rheological changes observed five minutes from the intake and were sustained for at least 30 minutes post intake.

Liposome vs. Prodosome®

• Liposome: a spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer. Liposomes are most often composed of phospholipids, especially phosphatidylcholine.

• Prodosome: A molecule made up of clusters of ion-impregnated and saturated (‘energetically enhanced’, aka ‘EFIquence’-treated) liposomes, encapsulating minerals and a range of both fat and water soluble compounds within another liposome; then, clusters of those liposomes are packed within another liposome; up to hundreds of concentric layers.

• Prodosomes® have a 22% greater surface tension as compared to standard liposomes. This confers greater sphere integrity and stability.


• The Prodosome encapsulation based on SK713 proprietary, exclusive process is used in the manufacturing of ALL VNI products.

• Prodosomes® are unique phospholipid transport molecules that form 'carrier spheres' around multiple nutrients, then effectively shuttle them across digestive system membranes.

• The unique Prodosome structure allows for all the encapsulated components to be held collectively at different levels within the spherical layers. Due to the many layers, specific nutrients are quickly and simultaneously released in the mouth and others are simultaneously released later in the digestive process to ensure a longer, sustainable, and more beneficial blood serum level.

• By continually shuttling many nutrients into circulation at the same time, these nutrient clusters improve the body's ability to re-create, rebuild, and sustain optimal health at an unprecedented frequency. This is what creates maximum nutrient synergy and benefits.

Prodovite’s UNIQUE & Remarkably Superior Technology

Starts with THE BEST Proprietary Ingredients!
• Premium Quality, patented, trademarked, evidence-based ingredients
• That means: “Expensive Good Stuff Shown to Work!”
• Ingredient Suppliers’ Product Names on label

Mechanical Predigestion of Ingredients
• High Shear Tri-Blender Jet Compression Particle Processing (a type of ‘High-Tech Wet-Milling’)
• Creates uniform ‘microscopically small’ particle sizes
• Readily usable by the body – ‘Biocompatibility’!

Proprietary Exclusive SK 713 Based Prodosome® Technology

High Grade Premium Quality Phospholipids
• Lecithin normally contains 19% to 21% PhosChol (PC)
• VNI uses Lecithin that is >85% PC to make Prodosomes.

Methyl-group-rich Phospholipids are treated with Energy Frequency Imprinting (Patent-Pending EFIquence™ Technology), impregnating & saturating phospholipids with free ions.

This process facilitates a 'mechanically-induced' bonding of methyl groups abundant in the phospholipids to a number of nutrient ingredients including folic acid and vitamin B12, in the same manner as would occur in a cellular environment.

This methyl-bonding ensures that the folic acid and vitamin B12 are metabolized and available to the cells as much as needed (up to the potency in the product) and at the rate needed without any adverse effects.

Over-methylation (an emerging problem) is not a concern.

Prodosome Technology Mimics ‘Cell Membrane’ Structure
Healthy Cell Walls are called The ‘Phospholipid Bilayer’

A Liposome

Phospholipids Cluster Around Prodovite Ingredients, creating a ‘cell membrane’.

ALL of the tissues of the GI tract LOVE phospholipids, which absorb effortlessly.

VNI’s ‘Prodosome®’ Technology based on Proprietary Exclusive SK713

EFIquence® Technology (Energy Frequency Imprinting) impregnates and saturates our Methyl-rich phospholipids with a proprietary Solar-dried Electrolyte Complex that increases the ‘Ionic Energy Properties’ of the phospholipids and dramatically increases the benefits of Prodovite’s nutraceutical payload.

An Energetically ‘EFIquence’ Enhanced ‘Active’ Prodovite ‘Liposome’

An Ionically Charged ‘Liposome’

Clusters of Liposomes w/i A Liposome A ‘Prodosome’

Phospholipids Cluster Around Prodovite Ingredients

Prodosome® SK713 SLP; Up to HUNDREDS of concentric layers

A One-Of-A-Kind Thermic Reaction

In a 50 gallon production batch, the temperature of ALL consumable liquid products will gradually adjust to ‘room temperature’.
• If they’re cold, they’ll heat up to room temperature.
• If they are hot, they’ll cool down to room temperature.

The temperature of Predigested, Prodosomed® and EFIquence™ processed Prodovite rises to 98.6° F, AND STOPS!

Prodovite behaves like body fluid.

Energetically Active Ions In Prodovite Interact With Phospholipids – Very Much Like Body Fluids (400Xs Magnification)